Adult Alpha

Join the Adult Alpha small group team at Immaculate Conception and embark on a unique spiritual journey with other people. The Adult Alpha team looks forward to hosting you every Friday from 6.30pm for 11 weeks from 26 June to 4 September at the St Pio Centre. There will also be a Celebration Supper on Friday 11 September.    

Contact the church office for further details.      

Come and See!

This is a course that allows a person to be introduced or in some cases, to be reintroduced to our Lord Jesus Christ.  This is a course where you will discover:

  • alpha_adultwhere you are at in your life;
  •  who you truly are;
  • who is your true God;
  •  how much you are loved by the Father;
  •  how to seek the mercy of Jesus Christ;
  •  how to seek and depend on the strength of the Holy Spirit.

The Adult Alpha course takes place at the beginning of each year (January to March/April) and is open to everyone who seeks direction and desires the void within themselves to be filled.

Notice of the course details, dates and time, will be placed in the weekly newsletter.

We would love to hear from you.

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