CWD Disaster Response Collection

A NEW YEAR in the Church’s calendar begins today. Happy new year to all!

This period is appropriately called “Advent”.

It comes from the Latin word adventus which simply means ‘coming’.

At this time we can speak of three comings of God.  The first, is when Jesus, the Son of God came to be born in the stable at Bethlehem.  But today’s Mass also speaks of the final coming of Jesus at the end of the world.  And there is still a third kind of coming we need to be aware of, namely, when God enters our lives every day.  Every single experience can be an opportunity to make contact with God.

And we are reminded of that ongoing contact with God especially in the celebration of the sacraments, including this Eucharist.

The obvious question to ask is, How are we to prepare?  St Paul today in the Second Reading has some advice.  “Let us give up all the things we tend to do under cover of darkness and live decently as people do in the daytime.”

We need to develop our relations with God and with our brothers and sisters based on a caring and unconditional love for all.  We need to learn how to find God, to find Jesus in every person, in every experience.  We need to respect every person as the image of God.  We are to love our neighbours as ourselves, to love everyone just as Jesus loved us.

Then we do not have to fear no matter when Jesus makes his final call.  Because we know he is going to say:  “Come, my friend. I want to call you now; I want to share with you my life that never ends.”

And we will respond: “Yes, Lord, I am ready.  I have been waiting for you all this time.”

It will be an encounter, not of strangers, but of two old friends.

CWD Disaster Response Collection

Catholic Welfare and Development request donations to be brought to the Church.

(Sr. Vimala addressed the congregation – 2 weeks ago)

They will collect on the 3rd Sunday of Advent…. 11 December.

Banking Details: Catholic Welfare and Development

Standard Bank

Thibault Square Branch

Account No. 070 86 8964

Branch Code: 020 909

Reference: Disaster Response

List of items distributed in Disaster Response

  • Bucket of Groceries contains – 1kg Rice, 1kg Maize Meal, 1kg Morvite, 1 tin Pilchards, 1 tin baked Beans, 500g Brown Lentils, 500g Sugar & 26 Tea Bags
  • Toiletries – Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Soap, Face Cloths & Towels, and Sanitary Pads for Girls going to school
  • Stationary – Note Books, Pencils, Pen, Ruler, Eraser
  • Household & Personal Requirements – Clothing, Bedding, Blankets, Shoes, Baby Nappies
  • Furniture – Beds, Mattresses and any kind of furniture


ECCLESIA – Called by Name Season

Our Ecclesia Groups are currently busy with Santa Shoe Boxes – they are collecting monies and are going to buy bulk and make the boxes – if you would like to donate in anyway – there will be donation boxes at the back of the church – A hamper is also being made for the home so tin foods etc. would be greatly appreciated.

The final date for collections is 10th/11th December.

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