Procedures for Funerals in the Parish

The church honours those who return to the Father’s house through the gates of Sister Death.  We therefore recognise the sacramental opportunity offered in this sacrament and ministry.

In order that we show appropriate reverence and respect, we propose the following:

  • That a Funeral Information Form be completed by the family member organising the funeral.  This can be arranged through the parish office.
  • In the case where the deceased spouse is a non-Catholic, and a request is made for burial at the church, the following will be considered:
  1.  Would he or she have objected to such a Service whilst alive?
  2.  Was the deceased supportive of the church in any way?
  3.  Do other family members object?
  • In the case above, it is normal to have a church service as opposed to a Requiem Mass.
  • The use of the Columbarium can be arranged at the parish office.
  • Eulogies and Thanks are to be conducted at the end of the Service.
  • Should there be a ‘viewing of the body’, it is expected that this take place 30 minutes before the Service or Mass commences.
  • The conditions of use of the parish pipe organ remains consistent with that stated for Weddings.
  • Stole fees and related costs are available at the parish office.
  • On Saturdays, viewing should begin no later than 9am in order to accommodate Saturday Confessions.
  • Permission is granted for family members to present the readings. However, this should be read from the Lectionary as opposed to a sheet of paper. The reader should be well prepared.
  • Preferred times for funerals would be in the mornings – starting at 11am.
  • The St Pio Centre is available for tea after funeral services. Catering should be done by the CWL. No alcohol will be allowed.

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