Ministry in the Sacristy


The sacristy is a privileged place, near the main altar, where Priests vest and the liturgical rites are prepared. It is also the place where the sacred vessels as well as altar linen, vestments and all books used at Holy Mass, Baptism etc. are kept.


The Sacristans are a number of individuals who get together once a quarter or before important liturgical changes in the church, to discuss and learn how to share the work and make it easier for the priest in charge. They also make sure that the sacristy is well equipped, neat and tidy.


1.  Must learn to read the “Ordo” church liturgical calendar.

2.  Open the church for celebrations, be it Sunday Mass, Weddings or Funerals and lock up afterwards.

3.  Prepare altar/church for whatever celebration is on the roster for that day.

4.  In the sacristy the correct colour vestment is left ready for the Priest.

5.  Maintain the church complex. Make sure that the church and especially the sanctuary is clean at all times.

6.  That the church is always beautifully decorated with flowers.

7.  Vestments, vessels and other materials need to be maintained.

8.  Take inventory: the Sacristans set up and supervise the regular replenishment of materials like wine, bread, candles and charcoal etc.

Who can become a Sacristan?

Sacristan may be of any age and gender. All that counts is the ability to execute  and to enjoy the tasks at hand.

We need sacristans who are regular and alert communicants, women and men who sing with gusto and throw themselves into the liturgical action. From such regular participation, they should be attuned to the flow of the seasons and the rites. What they do not know in the area of vocabulary and sacristy practise will be taught to them.

And we, the present sacristans are very willing to help. You are very welcome to come and join us on a trial basis. It is a wonderful privilege to serve the Lord as a Sacristan. We make the House of the Lord a fitting place to dwell in and for our fellow parishioners – a comfortable place to pray in. There are many blessings attached to this ministry.

OTHER ACTIVITIES (Reaching out to the Community)

There are so many old parishioners in our parish without transport. During the summer months the Sacristans decided to adopt one such parishioner and transport her/him to church.

It is a good feeling to put a smile on some one’s face.


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