We Succeeded Because of You – Thank You


International Food Festival thanks

Dear Parishioners ….. Once in two years we hold what has now become, our well-known International Food Fair Fundraising event. The occasion takes a lot of time, hard work and energy from the entire IFF team and it challenges parishioners to be generous in their donations before, and extravagant at the Food Fair.

Under the leadership and guidance of John Fernandes & Patrick Lombardo, the hardworking IFF team, the generous Donors and Sponsors and you the Parishioners and your families & friends, who wholeheartedly participated in this years’ event, abandoning limits to time, energy and your purses, we have succeeded in breaking all previous record amounts of the past. Importantly as well, many joyous IFF attendees remarked…


So we say to all, THANK YOU to you and for being you, and we ask

Almighty God to Bless you for all your actions and accomplishments during this


Frs. Sonny & Sean

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