The Ministers of the Word

Our Members proclaim the word of God to the congregation every weekend through the reading of dedicated scripture pertaining to the theme of the mass on that particular day. We are also tasked with readings such as the presentation of ‘The Stations of the Cross’ during Lent, the Easter weekend masses and Feast days. This is done in a clear controlled voice to ensure that it is understood by everyone present.

Two Ministers preside at each mass with the responsibility for the 1st Reading, Responsorial Psalm, 2nd Reading, Gospel Acclamation and Prayers of the Faithful which is recited by the congregation after the Creed.

Any member of the congregation who has received the Sacrament of Confirmation may join. Age is of no concern, and in fact, one of our current members has 50 years of service to this Ministry! Training is provided by one of our senior members and thereafter, active duty begins with voluntary service at either the Saturday or Sunday Holy Mass. New members are always welcome.

Meetings are scheduled quarterly, with the Parish Priest being present to discuss topics of joint concern and more importantly, to promote a spirit of unity amongst each other.

Being a Minister of the Word is a ‘way of life’ as we need to live the Word that is proclaimed which makes this Ministry so rewarding and dignified.

Should you wish to enquire about joining this Ministry, kindly contact Robin Abrahamse who is the Co-ordinator by:

Telephone No: 021 5923203
Cell No: 083 7012335

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